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All You Need To Know About Drag Race Wheels & Radials

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High performance drag racing wheels are more than just a pretty accessory for your racing vehicle. Within the tiny beads of your racing tires are decades of technological advancements that have been carefully refined to create a safe and lightweight wheel capable of handling extreme speeds and power. At RC Components, we’re proud to offer some of the best automotive drag race wheels on the market today and we love educating our customers on the the various types of racing wheels available. Our drag racing experts have come together to give you the skinny on drag racing wheels so you can choose the best wheels for your ride when the time comes.

Drag Racing Wheels

Whether you’re brand new to drag racing or you’ve been racing on the strip for years, you probably know that your car’s tires are a critical component to the overall speed and handling of your vehicle. All drag racing tires are not created equally and choosing new wheels for your ride will depend on your intended usage of the vehicle. Before you purchase the first pair of drag racing wheels you see, make sure you know exactly what you want to use them for.

DOT Rated Tires

Most street cars have tires that have passed the strict Department Of Transportation (DOT) regulations for street use. In order for a tire to be approved by the DOT, it must meet very specific standards such as hydroplane resistance, tread depth and sidewall stiffness.

DOT Drag Racing Tires

There are two main kinds of DOT drag racing tires to consider before you purchase a new set of drag racing wheels. Drag radial tires typically achieve their excellent performance capabilities from their soft compound which allows them to drive effortlessly on the track. The average lifespan of these drag racing wheels is around three to five thousand miles and you can improve their traction by simply cleaning and hazing the tires. If you’re looking to purchase drag radial tires for your model sports car, a 16 to 20 inch low profile tire is a great way to go.

Bias ply wheels get their name from the internal construction of the tire. While these drag racing wheels are strong and sturdy, they offer unique handling characteristics when compared to radial tires. Their rigid construction does not conform to the road surface as well as a radial tire, which can create a “wandering” sensation while you drive. While this sensation is not seen as a hazard, it certainly requires drivers to pay more attention to the road, especially when driving at highway speeds.

RC Components has been a leading manufacturer of high quality motorcycle wheels and automotive drag racing wheels since 1989. Whether you’re in the market for drag race front wheels or rear wheels, we offer a large selection of wheel designs sure to fit any style and budget. Browse our wheel selector online today to find the perfect automotive or motorcycle wheels for your ride or contact us today with any questions you may have!

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